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Industry Insights: Woman power

Whether due to confusion, lack of confidence or other factors, most millennial women are not investors. In a recent article for, writer Min Zhang encourages financial firms to promote investing among young women by exploring opportunities to engage and … Continued

Who’s Driving the Relationship Now?

From the early days of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), brands and companies had a significant amount of pull in how they would interact with their customers. Now that balance has shifted decidedly — and perhaps permanently — in the opposite … Continued

Big Cats Always Land on Their Feet

How print is maintaining – and even gaining – among digital natives. The print extinction that never happened Pounce on this: Since the early 2000’s, just about everybody predicted that the mounting tsunami of digital media would be the beginning … Continued

What’s Hot. What’s Next?

As we looked ahead at 2016 almost a year ago, it was all about Oculus Rift and Snapchat, all-in-one platforms and wearable technology. Seems crazy but here we are again, already preparing to welcome a new year and asking the … Continued

Adapt or Perish

Practically anything can be customized these days, so is it any surprise that Nike lets runners customize their gear? It’s true: You can go to NIKEiD, an online service, and create your own gear, customizing the color, design and performance … Continued

Oops! 5 slip-ups to avoid in multi-channel marketing campaigns

Remember that old comic standby, the banana peel? Some unsuspecting character comes ambling along and, “whoops!” down they go! Unfortunately for today’s marketers, the marketing planning season often seems to be a minefield full of potential banana peel mishaps. As … Continued

It’s coming…from inside your car

In-vehicle communication promises new sources of in-market auto shopper data You’re driving down the main street in town, when suddenly, you get a notice from your vehicle’s information system. A nearby dealership is offering special savings on a vehicle you … Continued

5 ways to turn online data into direct marketing results

Direct Mail isn’t the “same old” Direct Mail any more. That’s because increasingly, it’s being enhanced by customer insights gathered through digital marketing. Use the data and need indicators that your company gathers online to: 1. Personalize your message – … Continued